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A program designed to help students with homework, assignments, projects or test and exam study.  Time constraints or lack of familiarity with the subject matter studied, sometimes makes it difficult for parents to help their children with homework. Our qualified tutors will teach your children how to study and work smart, complete homework on time, prepare for tests and improve confidence and grades!


This program addresses the learning needs of students with challenges in certain academic areas. Working together with our caring and capable tutors, students will learn to develop effective organizational skills and study habits. Students will use educational materials that are different from what they use in school in addition to having homework support.  The result is a positive approach to learning, better grades and a happier child!


This program is available for students who already demonstrate mastery of most of the required knowledge and skills. Additional learning challenges are provided to further enhance existing skills and enrich the learning experience!


Our unique program teaches the basics of reading through phonics, word family and sight word recognition. Children develop a love of reading at an early age with this fun and engaging program!

Help your child read by Gr. 1!

Test Prep

 EQAO : EQAO Gr. 3 & 6 Preparation

  • Help your child learn techniques and methods to successfully answer reading, writing and math questions covered on the EQAO assessment given at the end of the school year!

EQAO Gr. 9 Math & Gr. 10 Literacy Exam

  • Math skill building exercises in operations, integers, linear equations and algebra.
  • Improve essay writing and reading comprehension skills, essential for high school success!

SSAT Preparation

  • Learn test taking strategies work within time limits and better your scores!


 A summer of learning can make all the difference in the fall!  Brains that take a break during holidays often forget how to learn. However, children who remain mentally active during the summer months, begin school prepared to learn! After a summer at The Village Learning Centre, your child will develop confidence and a love for learning!

Grade 1 to High School Prep

  • Help your child do better this upcoming school year! Summer is an Ideal time to take advantage of our excellent rate!
  • Programs will be tailored to meet student’s individual needs. Throughout the summer students will work on building essential skills such as essay writing and study skills.
  • Students may also prepare for the very challenging Grade 9 Math course with an introduction to course material.

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